“What makes you Beautiful ?”

What makes you beautiful ??..... Many people assume that its a outer appearance which makes you beautiful .Is it your amazing structure or your eyes or your face or your height or your color or a flat tummy or your make up or the money you have is which makes you more beautiful . Beauty... Continue Reading →

Untie your wings.

You are born to explore, You are born to go places you wish, The world is all yours, You are just miles away from it. What stops you from reaching there, Is it that because you don't have enough money ? Is it because that you don't have enough time ? Is it because you... Continue Reading →

Overcome the Pandemic.

At this pandemic we have to realize that it is difficult to overcome it .Some may be infected by it or their dear ones .Some might have been even near to fatal.The only thing that we can do now is helping them overcome it will self confidence and spread love.Maybe we are safe just sitting... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

The rules are: – Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.– Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.– Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, write them 11 questions... Continue Reading →

Offshore Reader Award.

RULES FOR ACCEPTING THIS AWARD: Thank the person who nominated you.Include the award image on your post- link to image here.To know more about the award, click here.Add a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.Answer the question given to you.Nominate at least 2 other bloggers.Ask your own question (optional). Nomination: First of all... Continue Reading →


People refer silence as being still or inactive and for being unhappy.But silence can do miracles to your life. Nowadays the place where we live,where we work is not so silent and no one realize the importance of silence, they don't know the power of being silent.When we are silent we spend time with our... Continue Reading →

Time is Precious.

Do you know which is the best assert you can have ,it is Time but many of will argue that the best asserts are money,gold,diamond,land,..etc but you have to accept that Time is valuable ,using it wisely,productively can help you increase your value. Time is short and you will not know how much you have... Continue Reading →

Secret of Success……

Decide your destination,the place where you dream being in ,no matter how much far it many be open up your mind through wide angles and find your path. Observe your abilities ,anyone or even everyone can doubt your ability,doubt your skills but you should never doubt on them cause you might not know where you... Continue Reading →

Where to find happiness ?..

Hey guys, Do you know the best place to be in this universe to be happy ? or Do you know the worst place to be sad like hell ?......but the answer to both questions is YOU.I don't know how many of you have understood what I meant .I said that the place which gives... Continue Reading →

Love Yourself.

Hey guys ,Lately I have been in my own metamorphical world where I used to hate myself to the core and even till now but the graph has declined more lower than then.I used to go through the days with sadness ,loneliness ,self hatredness,depression etc.I used to feel unbelievably lost,horrible , I am nothing and... Continue Reading →

Rain is a pure bliss….

When I see those dark and heavy clouds, fluttering flies, flowers smelling stronger, it just reminds me you dear. You come away from miles, to kiss me in my eyes, to nurture the lives, and to neutralize my endless cries. You mean different to different people, some may enjoy you, some may watch you, but... Continue Reading →

Positivity !!

The world where we live is very beautiful,everything surrounded around us is beautiful but not everyone enjoys it ,Why is it so ? because we lack to find happiness even in small things and bother about the things that we have lost.Be happy for this moment ,this moment is your life. "Where there is will... Continue Reading →

Beginning with a new step…..

Hiii everyone , today I am starting my new step for the beginning of my new world through this post . Starting a new beginning is not easy and cannot occur overday you need to force yourself for seeing the small change in yourself which will make you feel better rather than giving up on... Continue Reading →

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