Time reveals all

Time reveals who truly cares, Time reveals who really loves, Time reveals who really fakes, Time reveals who are playing with you, Time reveals who will stay, Time reveals who will leave, Time reveals who will make you scream, Time reveals who will be in your dream, Time will never fake, It will show you... Continue Reading →


I am really tired of being OK, I am tired of pretending nothing hurt, I am tired of faking myself in the world, I am tired of being happy when I am really not , I am tired of crying in those dark night, I am tired of trusting people , I am tired of... Continue Reading →

Time is Precious.

Do you know which is the best assert you can have ,it is Time but many of will argue that the best asserts are money,gold,diamond,land,..etc but you have to accept that Time is valuable ,using it wisely,productively can help you increase your value. Time is short and you will not know how much you have... Continue Reading →

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