You Are, Yes! You Are

You thought life is tough but you are tougher, You thought you were worthless but you are precious, You thought you were weak but you are stronger, You thought you were meaningless but you are worthwhile, You thought you were not pretty but you are delightful, You are beautiful , You are stronger like a... Continue Reading →

I am in love…

In love With the one I always want to be with Forever Dear.. I wanna touch your soul, Get deep down inside it, Change the darkness into blissful life with you, See.. I have lost everything, But feeling blessed to have you within, I swear that I will not hurt you like others, Stay with... Continue Reading →

#2 Quote of the day.

Life is meant to live,so stop overthinking on small things and worrying on what people think about you.(What people think about you is their opinion not your position in life) -Ara.

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