I don’t belong here …

I felt so much for so long and now I don't find anything, Stuck in deciding between the diverging paths, Should I take the Right side where nothing is Left... Or take the Left side where nothing is Right.. Either of the ways remind me that I don't belong there , Staying here neither makes... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To Not Be Fine !!

It's Okay to be sad, It's Okay to drown, It's Okay to be mad, It's Okay if you are down. It's Okay to panic, It's Okay to loose belief, It's Okay to be weak, It's Okay to grief. It's Okay to feel numbness, It's Okay to feel dreading, It's Okay to feel helpless, It's Okay... Continue Reading →

Alone road…

Yep... In the Alone Road, Is it always Autumn in this road, Why do everything fall apart ?? It looks beautiful , But it's never comforting, I don't see any homo sapiens staying here , But their footmarks remain , It keeps me Trippin' . It doesn't look easy, But this is it , Does... Continue Reading →

Overpowering Thoughts…

Every single day I am going under with my tears, Not knowing what to do , Not knowing why I still exist, Not knowing anything, Time has changed and so do others around me, But seeing me losing myself for me is more scary, People come hurt ,teach you lesson's and leave you alone burnt,... Continue Reading →

Lost between the stars

She is just lying on her bed, Looking at the endless sky, With her eternal thoughts, Her feebleness thoughts takes its turn. She feels to escape and run, From everything and start something new, But she never had a clue. The night sky spreading over miles, She realizes she has got no real smiles, She... Continue Reading →

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