I don’t belong here …

I felt so much for so long and now I don’t find anything,

Stuck in deciding between the diverging paths,

Should I take the Right side where nothing is Left…

Or take the Left side where nothing is Right..

Either of the ways remind me that I don’t belong there ,

Staying here neither makes me that I belong here ,

I don’t belong here ..

Everything that I start turns out grey ,

And I go out of way ,

Is it only with me ,

I wonder looking the ceiling that things would change,

but it never does,

Nothing hurts me anymore cause am just used to that shit,

I don’t belong here



Everyone act like they really care ….

But they really fkn don’t care ….

People act like they love me !.

I am Ok with it ,

But having this cycle over , over and over…..

Drops me into the ocean of numbness.

Where I don’t find any real soul around me ,

Hurts me but am used to it !! : )


31 thoughts on “I don’t belong here …

Add yours

  1. Beautiful! Glad to have u found 😊😊❤️

    Where were u hidden?
    In this vast paths of oceans?
    Searching around for poems with beautiful meanings
    And searching for inspiration to inspire me with writings

    Myself Anushka. Nice to meet u. I found ur poem splendid! No choice but to follow u….

    Liked by 1 person

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