Small Letter to Her !!!

From : Ara

To : Her

Hey !!! how are doing Papa ( kinda usual way that I call her) . Just wanna say that I am happy that I had you and I am still having you in my life. I know I am bit annoying but you still stay .

I miss every moment that we had together during our school. Wandering around with you , being together ..Missing your face and everything . We both were yet too crazy when we were together . Staying with each other no matter always, in happiness and in hard times. You were always soothing . You were very kind and beautiful soul .Sorry if I might have hurt you then. It has been more than 2 years that I have seen you face to face , it’s making me go crazy since then . I don’t really know whether you feel the same way that I do but I don’t see anyone who would ever replace you babe !! you are special to me. Even though you are not around me , I have always been getting the flashbacks in each moment and it made me miss and love you even more . I don’t know when you will be reading this but I Love you to the moon and back.



Hey guys ,

Some friendships happen without intentions, expectation but later become addiction . You will get only few true souls which truly care and stand by your side so catch up them and don’t leave them !!! Nothing else matters . Hope you all are doing well .this is my Instagram account ara_recuperation ,waiting to get in touch and get to know more about you guys !!!! Have a great day.

Spread kindness and love ,


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