Kindness Is Invaluable

Kind people are best kind of people.

– Unknown

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and care are words that are associated with kindness .Kindness is a type of behaviour marked by acts of generosity, consideration, or concern for others, without having an expectation of praise or reward.So this was the basic definition that I got .What do you think of being kind ? When should you really be kind ? or To whom should you be kind ???….

It’s not a well organized nor a planned thing that you can follow. It is a vital part of yourself ,which you should be concerned about. Being kind doesn’t need specific time nor specific person to show it. Show it in all the possible time to everything that you see living whether it is a human, birds, insects, animals, trees, … etc .It will not cost anything Right!! but Kindness is Invaluable and it cannot be measured because it is beyond what we think.Treat everything the way you want to be treated.

Maybe we think that we are going through hard times but if we watch people keenly we can see people going through even harder and tougher than us, so always be ready to render kindness in a way possible small/big. Be kind to everyone no matter what they did to you in the past or doing to you in the present because Showing Kindness is your Personality !!,it doesn’t have anything with what they did. Being kind can bring a lot of changes within yourself and in this whole world and spreads peace and joy all the way you go.

Spread kindness and love,


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