Overpowering Thoughts…

Every single day I am going under with my tears,

Not knowing what to do ,

Not knowing why I still exist,

Not knowing anything,

Time has changed and so do others around me,

But seeing me losing myself for me is more scary,

People come hurt ,teach you lesson’s and leave you alone burnt,

It’s totally different to get hurt and say I am used to it,

I feel to end everything and die

But I really don’t want to get even closer to it ,

I have dreams on myself

But I know I won’t make it,

I neither want to die nor live

but even if I Die

it is not going to make a difference any way anywhere

No one really cares,

But it’s hard to live ,

Sick of being unable to sleep,

Sick of being unable to eat,

Sick of being unable to think,

Sick of being unable to speak,

Sick of feeling numbness all over me.

Been in this crap for years,

I don’t want to be in this

But I am unable to take it over

Everything seems over.

Hey guys,

Hope you all are doing great .I don’t want to be negative ,but my thoughts over power me ,I posted because I felt it would be little be better if I write it down. I am really sorry to make you read this…

Take care.

Spread kindness and love,


56 thoughts on “Overpowering Thoughts…

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  1. Hey Ara, this what you are feeling does infects us at some points. I am not sure what made you feel like this. But good days are definitely ahead. You have to hold on to the thing you find the dearest. Diamonds are made in mines, dark and hot. You’ll be fine, everything will work out. Just hold on. 😇

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    1. Thank you very much ❤️❤️ for your kind words ,I am too not sure about what made me feel like this but maybe feeling it for long time made it worse , I don’t know whether hoping would help cause I have been hoping for so long but still hope that things would get better .Take care.

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    1. Yes today they came out because I really didn’t know what else to do as writing it down here was the only place where I could express them in this world. Thank you very much ❤️❤️ for your kind words .Take care.

  2. Ara, the sun always shines bright on us after a dark night. I know you are strong enough to face any adversity. Hang in there, don’t lose hope. Our mind can tend to play dirty tricks to push us further down the sinkhole of despair. Meditate, write about it, talk to your people, do everything that makes you happy and feel better. You can get over this!!

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  3. Hey, just wanted to drop a little message to let you know what someone read this (as I’m sure you already know from the other great comments here).

    Not gonna blindly tell you that everything’s going to be okay though. Life can be tough, and we can often feel lost (very rarely do people ‘figure it out’ anyways), but you have to remember that the point is not to escape your negative emotions.

    The point is to do the best you can, despite them.

    Wishing you a great journey ahead. Take care!

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  4. I’ve been there in that dark place, but I never stay long. Finding continuity and keeping busy can change this feeling. Takes work, as it’s very addicting to be down, so I wish you the best in rising above it.

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  5. Such powerful emotions and sentiments captured so well in your poetry. Every now and then, we all find ourselves backed into a dark place. It’s important to remember that it’s not final. Times will change soon!

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  6. I will not say that everything will be fine soon.
    Hey Ara, I can see you are going through lot of pain. It’s easy to say that okay you need to fight, good time is not so far. But I understand how how difficult it is to live a single day. You might feel relieved at night thinking that this day has passed. But you might feel afraid to wake up and face the next day. The words you have written shows symptoms of depression. Please share with people who understands you, seek for treatment if possible. Start working on one thing at a time. For example take sleeping problem first. Get over it. It will surely take a lot of time but it’s worth investing. Please take care.

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