Lost between the stars

She is just lying on her bed,

Looking at the endless sky,

With her eternal thoughts,

Her feebleness thoughts takes its turn.

She feels to escape and run,

From everything and start something new,

But she never had a clue.

The night sky spreading over miles,

She realizes she has got no real smiles,

She covered everything with her beautiful lies,

Yet she didn’t understand she was lying to herself.

She cover’s herself with a blanket

Except her eyes,

To look through the sky,

And to sob with a pillow,

She thinks about everthing,

She feels nostalgia about not having a true friend,

To share her tears in her shoulder,

It is just a another night ,

Where her heart explodes like dynamite.

Moonlight soothe her,

And she is Lost Between the stars,

Lost Between the stars,


Hoping that she would change her loneliness,

Into Solitude.

Hoping that she would change her anxiety,

Into Excitement.


34 thoughts on “Lost between the stars

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  1. One of your best works Ara ❤️ so touching, right from the heart! ❤️ Well I cannot be with you on 2 AM thoughts but you can have me from 8-12! Remember, always I am here for you ❤️ love you much, Ara ❤️

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  2. This is beautiful. I can understand the pain that comes along with anxiety in life. We wish to hide away from it, we wish for it to end as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no escape, we have to deal with it. It’s all about being resilient and forcing our mind to see the silver lining in any situation. There’s always hope. Thanks for sharing!

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