I am in love…

In love

With the one

I always want to be with



I wanna touch your soul,

Get deep down inside it,

Change the darkness into blissful life with you,

See.. I have lost everything,

But feeling blessed to have you within,

I swear that I will not hurt you like others,

Stay with you in all the situations like your hope,

Time will change as you wanted it to be,

I know

I am messy

I have hurt you

I have left you broken for someone who doesn’t even care.











Trust me.

That’s all I want in this life,

You fulfill myself with your pure soul.

In love with you…

I am here on my knees only for you,

Babe you are beautiful,

Your eyes make me fall into galaxies,

Your soul pulls me to fall more fonder,

Your beautiful smile ,

I don’t want to lie,

I am missing it badly,

I am missing you,

You are worth to spend your life with me,

I promise….

My love !,

My Everything ,

My Soul.

I Purple me

I am in love with myself

Hey guys,

I want to share one thing that ,Loving yourself should always be your priority than loving anyone .Understand it and pay attention to your soul.It is really very very important to do it Love yourself. Take care.

Spread kindness and love,

– Ara.

49 thoughts on “I am in love…

Add yours

      1. I didn’t mean like that but mostly we won’t get the same amount from the other one but with ourselves it is totally different.I feel that love to one own self ❤️ is more important before showing it to others cause We should first know to love ourself.

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    1. Yep both . But after so many incidents I have come to a conclusion that sometimes we have to give some me time where we can understand and believe in ourselves better.Hope it makes sense in loving oneself .

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  1. You’ve put across such an important message in the most beautiful manner possible. We can heal our inner wounds by making peace with our childhood trauma if we work on loving ourselves. Every fear, anxiety, anger, resentment is related to our experiences in life, especially the ones we experienced during our childhood. It’s very important to love ourselves enough to give us a chance to be our best selves. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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