Just Smile 🙂🙂

Every time you smile, you not only make other people feel better about themselves, but you raise your self-esteem, increase your level of positive attitude and feel better about yourself as well.

Importance of smiling :

  • Improve your mood – This is a physiological response to moving the muscles involved with smiling. When you smile, it tells your brain that it’s time to release some endorphins and start feeling good.
  • Make others happy – Smiling is literally contagious. We smile and others who see it are prompted to match it. So a real smile will get a real smile in return. A fake smile will only get a fake smile. But if you don’t have the confidence to smile in the first place, you likely won’t see this kind of reaction.
  • Make you look younger – Studies show that people will judge a smiling face to be younger than he or she actually is. Neutral expressions seem to look their age, while frowners look older.
  • Build better relationships – A simple smile can reduce conflict and make others feel more comfortable and open to conversation.
  • Be approachable – If you’re smiling, more people will want to talk to you, and fewer people will shy away as you speak.
  • Once you make it as a habit even in bad days. You will realize how it has changed you from not missing wonderful days by being sad.

Wear a beautiful smile all the time no matter what happens because no one really cares ( NO ONE ).

Hey guys,

Hope you all are doing Great ! ,Keep Smiling and bring smile on others face too….Belated Happy World Smile day 🙂🙂 (October 02 /2020).Take care and Stay safe ❤️️.

Spread kindness and love,


42 thoughts on “Just Smile 🙂🙂

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  1. Absolutely true. We wouldn’t know but our actions have ripple effects in other people’s life as well. If we are happy and smile more often, even through difficult times, we can inspire people around us to cope with their situations in a better manner. A smile instantly uplifts our mood and sends happy endorphins to our brain. One positive thought can make us feel a lot more powerful to deal with a the many fear of unknowns in life.

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