Time reveals all

Time reveals who truly cares,

Time reveals who really loves,

Time reveals who really fakes,

Time reveals who are playing with you,

Time reveals who will stay,

Time reveals who will leave,

Time reveals who will make you scream,

Time reveals who will be in your dream,

Time will never fake,

It will show you the reality,

You can’t stop getting away from reality,

Accept it (it’s really hard .I understand it sweet heart but you don’t have other choice than accepting it ),

If things/people are meant to stay in your life they will stay no matter what happens.

Time reveals what you were,

Time reveals what you are now,

Time will reveal what you will be in future,

Time will not lie,

Time reveals all

Time reveals everything but be sure on what you trust and rely on.Things will change as time changes , you will be revealed you are worth living.Don’t question on what happened or what’s happening now,everything happens for reason and we are here for a reason.Lets see what time is going to reveal us.

Spread kindness and love,


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