We have only one life (maybe there might be rebirth and samsara but we cannot say if it really true and its gonna happen).We aren’t aware of how to use words.We don’t know whether we will be alive the next day,so do we realize that why should live each moment happily and so do the people around us.Can you remember the last time you got angry and scolded some one and realized that it was wrong.WORDS are NOT JUST WORDS.

Each word you utter has impact on the person you are talking to.You can never take back the words you said , Never Never and Never.Your words turn into different forms ,

a good advise will change into a ray of hope,

a set of words could educate someone,

your words can heal someone’s pain,

your words can hurt someone badly,

your words can become a support,

your words have power

If your words can’t change the world but will definitely change someone’s and it might even change in wrong way .It is important to understand it ,not everyone take all the things which others say but if they love you ,value you and been through long time then each word you say will really have impact.Your words will be really be important to one who want it.Always be ready to speak out and express your words in a kind of manner which will not hurt others and think what you are going to speak before , it won’t go waste I swear because many fights will not really happen if you think for 1 minute and it is worth it.

Hii guys,

How are you all doing ,hope you are doing great.I was not able to be really active for so long hope I will post with some regularity,this small work was just my old one in back of my rough notebook ,I just wanted to share it with you and say you that each word matters so use it wisely .

Spread kindness and love,


36 thoughts on “WORDS have POWER

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  1. Ara, A wonderful post and well written. It is a good reminder to choose our words carefully. They can have an effect on us as well as everyone who hears them. It is said we speak 20,000 words each day. I would rather speak 20,000 positive, uplifting words. Thank you for your post. Take care.

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  2. You are right, our words have power. They can be helpful or they can be harmful. We must bridle the tongue at all times. It is interesting to me that God’s Word says we can hurt someone more with words said when that person is not present than when they are. Blessings!

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  3. I always believe that words have power – power to heal, to share love and kindness and to hurt others, especially when you’re at the verge of anger and you don’t mind what you’ll say. For me, I restrain myself from saying any word when angry. I would turn away and don’t utter any word until I feel completely relaxed.

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