Be Stronger Nothing Lasts Longer….

Living in this Era has not been easy to anyone out here.We need to know how to cope up with all the problems and solve them.

After storm you get calm.

After rain you see rainbow.

After night you see the bright sun.

After falling you rise.

After a war you get peace.

After breaking into pieces you will turn unbreakable.

After failing you learn to learn.

After making mistakes you become your own master.

This is your time, you are stronger,you are unbreakable,you are unique,you are special and you are going to captivate everyone.Having hard times will show you what are good and great times.You will not suffer with it forever ,it will end at a point and a new beginning will bloom beautifully with more opportunities which will help you to cross the path with best achievements to nurture you till the end.So Be Stronger Nothing Lasts Longer…….

Spread kindness and love,


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