“What makes you Beautiful ?”

What makes you beautiful ??…..

Many people assume that its a outer appearance which makes you beautiful .Is it your amazing structure or your eyes or your face or your height or your color or a flat tummy or your make up or the money you have is which makes you more beautiful .

Beauty can’t be judged with only your appearance ,there are many things that are unique to each one and that makes them beautiful and it can’t be measured with those stuffs…… .It lies within your heart and soul.

Your beauty is how you treat yourself and other creatures in this world . Your beauty is how you respect and care for others .It is how you treat nature .

Everyone are beautiful in different way and which makes them be loved.You are Beautiful !! just the way you are. Changing yourself for others may look beautiful but its not real and its not true…Do you understand what I am meaning to convey you ?.

See , listen to me .You are beautiful !! just the way you are yourself ,how people love you because you are yourself makes you beautiful.Staying supportive to the one who is about to drown.Showing people that you will be there for them,showing your love even to the one who made you float in your blood makes you beautiful.Even if others treat you badly like hell show them love and heaven.

Hii guys ,

Staying yourself is the real beauty and beautiful and loved.Hope you liked this piece of my work.Do share your comments .

Spread kindness and love,


26 thoughts on ““What makes you Beautiful ?”

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  1. Now those are such beautiful thoughts that you posted here. The mind, the heart, the conduct and the behaviour should be beautiful. If the face and the body is also beautiful then so be it and all the better, but they are never not too important to make you a beautiful person 🙂

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