Untie your wings.

You are born to explore,

You are born to go places you wish,

The world is all yours,

You are just miles away from it.

What stops you from reaching there,

Is it that because you don’t have enough money ?

Is it because that you don’t have enough time ?

Is it because you don’t have people that support you ?

Is it because you are not capable ?

Is it because people think that you are not capable ?

It is not these ,

Your tied wings stops you,

Your tied mindset stops you,

Your tied perception stops you,

It’s you who stop you from reaching there,

Don’t under estimate your power,

You will not realize your power until or unless you believe in it,

Start exploring the world ,

Untie your wings,

Untie your mindset that you will not reach,

Untie your perception about yourself,

Untie your beautiful wings .

No one can do it for you,

You don’t have limits,

Fly high above the sky,

Reach the unreachable galaxy of opportunity,

Make your destiny.

Hiii guys,

Everything seems hard until its done,so don’t lose hope and explore the world by untying yourself ,your thoughts,your perceptions ,.etc

Hope you liked this post.Do share your comments and views on it.

Spread kindness and love,


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