Think Big,Dream Bigger !!

You become what you think ! ,your thoughts have impact in your life .Most people fear to think big ,they try to continue with the same routine and stick with it. Having big dreams and goals is very important , if you don’t have try to figure it out because a life without goal is like a ocean without water (its meaningless right ).If you can think big then your going to make big change in your life.

Just thinking and dreaming big will not help you .When you have a big dream you be should be ready to put your efforts till the end to attain it.No matter what the situation is you have to be self bounded, and committed to it.Your willpower and self motivation during your down times will help you to cross the sea.Above everything you have to believe in yourself that you want it and work hard to make it happen the way you wanted.

Never ever ever take things what people think or predict what you will be so personally and seriously cause people are gonna say what they want you to be ,its your life not theirs live for yourself not for others thoughts .

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
– Norman Vincent Pearl

This quote is so true , if you aim and can’t reach the moon then you will be at least able to reach the stars,but if you think small and aim the clouds ,you will end up in the ground which doesn’t make a big difference from now.So Dream big you don’t have limit for your imagination and make it happen.(Nothing worth comes easy, you have to work for it and show the world what you have got dear ).

Spread kindness and love.


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