Overcome the Pandemic.

At this pandemic we have to realize that it is difficult to overcome it .Some may be infected by it or their dear ones .Some might have been even near to fatal.The only thing that we can do now is helping them overcome it will self confidence and spread love.Maybe we are safe just sitting in home we never understand the pain of others , it was last friday I heard that one of my uncle was tested Corona positive , they were feared and feeling helpless but many of our family members spoke to him in regular intervals and we thought that it can help him , speaking to person can’t take back the Corona but speaking to him with encouraging words might increase his self confidence and prevent him from feeling low.It has been a week and he has been discharged from the hospital , we were really happy for him .

Many people die because they were starving for food because they were not given job where they worked as daily labor to fulfill their daily needs.It is very emotional to here about what this pandemic has resulted in lives.

But the nature has got little of its life back , people see those clear sky with no pollution, animals moving freely without human interruptions,less deforestation and good flow of pure water ,…etc.

The best way to follow during this pandemic is to avoid unnecessary step out from home and be cautious , spend more time with yourself ,do regular exercises ,stay safe . Hope everyone are staying safe ,even if get it don’t worry overcome the fear, more than everything your willpower can help you the fullest,never lose hope. Most importantly save the fellow members but supporting them and by not spreading it .Spread kindness and love.


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