People refer silence as being still or inactive and for being unhappy.But silence can do miracles to your life.

Nowadays the place where we live,where we work is not so silent and no one realize the importance of silence, they don’t know the power of being silent.When we are silent we spend time with our own soul and it helps us to restart the things easily,it helps us to focus on things around us,to find our strength, to fall in love with ourselves,to redirect our paths.When we are silent we give relaxation to our mind and body.People get more creative and develop their talent.

Sometimes people be silent to stop the arguments ,I think it is one of the best way to stop fights cause we can reduce the impact rather than blowing up the problem and giving time for another to express their views.

After a heavy day we need to relieve our stress this can be achieved by being silent ,you will get a peaceful atmosphere to rest.

“Speech is silver,but silence is golden.” said by William Shakespeare ,humans have the great ability to speak but silence is like gold which is more valuable than it.Speak only when it is necessary don’t speak meaninglessly and waste your energy.


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  1. Complete silence is one of the things that keeps me up until 4am, just so I can enjoy it. It’s one the only times I can feel at peace. If you live in the city it is almost impossible to experience complete silence, it’s such a shame.

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