Time is Precious.

Do you know which is the best assert you can have ,it is Time but many of will argue that the best asserts are money,gold,diamond,land,..etc but you have to accept that Time is valuable ,using it wisely,productively can help you increase your value.

Time is short and you will not know how much you have ,stop the way of procrastinating your work to tomorrow cause you will not be able to get back the time that you wasted today ,you can get back the money or things that you lost today but not the time that you lost .The way you utilize the time matters , you have to use in a right and efficient way to get the best out of the limited time that you have. Spend your time with the people you love and show them that you are there for them.

Many might have lost their money by wasting their time.

Many might have lost their dear ones lives because of late treatment.

Many might have lost good jobs as they went late for the intervie.

Many might have lost beautiful oppurtunities.

Many might have lost valuable memories.

“Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it.” this is a quote by Alan Lakein.

This quote is true ,so understand the value of it and use it wisely…

I have lost many of times of things that does’t matter now and regret it ,so I don’t want you to regret like me .Hope you liked this small piece of work.Do share me your valuable comments.Share kindness and love.


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