Those School days….

Those days were special ,but I didn’t think that I will miss them like this.

Those mornings in the assembly,

Those snacks between the classes,

Those small naps in the classes,

Those P.T periods where we never played and chatted for hours,

Those evening classes where we never spend time on studying,

Those exams without any preparations,

Those childishness,

Those happiness in getting free periods,

Those celebrations,

Those naughtiness,

Those punishments,

Those endless talks with no topic,

Those corridors where we spent lots of time playing

Those days when people were really caring,

Those stages where we explored ourselves,

Those shoulders on which we cry and rely,

Those small surprises,

Those tight hugs and kisses from friends,

which never ends,

We were making fun from everything,

Maybe they will never come back,

but our friendship will never crack,

I know I was not special

but I was real,

and I am real.

Some places are special to all of us like our school,those days with no worries but with memories but I am missing those days badly and I think so you will be.Hope you liked this piece of mine.Do share views on your experiences and my blog.Stay safe and spread love and kindness.


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