Where to find happiness ?..

Hey guys, Do you know the best place to be in this universe to be happy ? or Do you know the worst place to be sad like hell ?……but the answer to both questions is YOU.I don’t know how many of you have understood what I meant .I said that the place which gives you both happiness is just within your soul.But people don’t realize it and try to find happiness from others,they want someone to show the happiness in the world when you have them in your hands.

The only way in which you can be happy is when you realize your potential and strongly believe in it.Even now if you feel hopeless don’t worry cause even this sadness will pass away as time passes.

Start following your happiness even in small things like listening to music,have a cup of coffee,enjoying birds chirping,watching the blue dark sky. You will not be able to stay happy all the time ,but how will you be able to sense the power of light without being in darkness right ! if you want to be under the light then you won’t understand the difference between them.So life is a combination of happiness and sadness so get into the reality,sadness,depression,people,hatred ,.etc are just temporary and it will never remain the same.

Life is short we don’t know what we will be in the next minute ,so be happy for this moment and this moment is your life.The real happiness is just found within yourself ……….. don’t let small things take away your happiness.Stay happy and spread love and kindness.

Hope you liked this work of mine,I would be happy if you share your opinions with me.


4 thoughts on “Where to find happiness ?..

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  1. Happy moments can be found in the little things we do. We don’t necessarily have to buy a house with our money before we know we have made it to be happy.

    The fact that you were able to assist your baby to dress up is hoppiness.

    The fact you were able to put smiles in peoples face is happiness.

    The fact you were able to slove even the smallest task is hoppiness.


    Happiness is the little things we do to feel better positively.

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