Love Yourself.

Hey guys ,Lately I have been in my own metamorphical world where I used to hate myself to the core and even till now but the graph has declined more lower than then.I used to go through the days with sadness ,loneliness ,self hatredness,depression etc.I used to feel unbelievably lost,horrible , I am nothing and invisible for no reason which was worse than having one like Billie.

I felt unproductive and during this phase I felt suicidal many times and my friend used to say me that “Ending your life is not the right way ,she said when you feel about ending your life think about the people who struggle for getting food,shelter,education,basic needs and now realize how much you are blessed to be here now” she told me the real truth, thank you my friend K but I still felt that I was worthless having a life anymore(Maybe I was senseless stupid ,duh) .The only thing need to say you guys is that life isn’t easy, you need to struggle to get peeks but before that you need to understand that when you don’t like the way you are now then you have change yourself and to not think of ending it easily.

Don’t hate yourself,

Don’t blame yourself,

Don’t underestimate yourself,

Don’t harm yourself,

Because the outside world is so different.The one whom you love or the one whom you care or the one with whom you wish to spend rest of your life will not be your’s forever things change people go out of the range but the one with whom you will be left till the end of your breath is YOURSELF,so start loving the way you are ,stay inspired set up your dream goals and strive for them,your hardwork will never go waste.Self love is the true and best love.Love yourself.


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  1. Anyone can share their happy stories. But it really takes a lot of courage to open up about the sad days and struggles! Life is more than what we see. I am really honoured to be featured here. You are an amazing soul and I wish you all the best things in the world, Ara. I am very happy to be on your side and have you in my side as well! Stay happy ❤️. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. This was a great positive message, especially in these challenging times, so I appreciate you for putting this up. Also, just thought I’d drop by and say hi from halfway across the world. Keep on writing!

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  3. I have to admit loving yourself is not easy at all and taking the decision to do so is one full of bravery💞It’s not easy, won’t get any easier but it’s a necessary and important journey one has to embark on. I enjoyed this!

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