Rain is a pure bliss….

When I see those dark and heavy clouds,

fluttering flies,

flowers smelling stronger,

it just reminds me you dear.

You come away from miles,

to kiss me in my eyes,

to nurture the lives,

and to neutralize my endless cries.

You mean different to different people,

some may enjoy you,

some may watch you,

but I relish when you touch me,

your tiny drops soak me in the pool of bliss.

Even though you don’t come often,

I Love you 3000.

Hii everyone,

I love the nature ,their mysterious behaviour and beauty makes me go even fonder on them.This piece of work is the replication of my thoughts about rain which head through me.Hope you liked that,I would be happy if you let me know your love on nature and your happiness with it.

With love,


7 thoughts on “Rain is a pure bliss….

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  1. I’m obsessed with nature. Everything about nature is just beautiful. No rush. Taking an example from this poem when you described the rain; it starts with a cloudy atmosphere, then there’s a slow and maybe fast wind, flowers dancing to it’s rhythm.. The whole scene is really beautiful. I love the vibe of nature.

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